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Welcome to our grass track racing club
T16 - Barney Hayhoe
2016 Production C Champion
T134 - Laura Trinidade
2016 Production B Champion
T74 - Laurence Connors
2016 Super Saloon Champion
T220 - Mark Stevens
2016 Specials Champion
T92 - Peter Tilley
2016 Production A Champion
T34 - Robert Gray
2016 1450cc Hot Rod Champion
T84 - Thomas Connors
2016 Joint Junior Champion
T156 - Levi Oughton
2016 Joint Junior Champion
T119 - Lewis Hayhoe
2016 TMC Rookie Champion

What's new

2018 Medical form (download here)
2018 membership application (download here)

2018 information will be available soon
2017 Season archived

Your TMC needs YOU!

If you can spare some time to give a bit of valuable help to your club we are looking for:
  • Marshals - Get up close to the action, in this essential role.
  • Lap scorers - we need a pair of willing people who can count!
  • Commentator - we need a part time commentator to fill in gaps with interesting or relevant knowledge.
  • Wrecker drivers - also required.

REMEMBER: Volunteering really helps your club, and even if you can only do a few days a year, it counts!

Anyone that helps on race days will be given a free lunch, and fully refunded their admission. If you can help, please swing by race control.

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